1972 - The National Indian Brotherhood (now the AFN) releases Indian Control of Indian Education

"In 1972, the Chiefs of the National Indian Brotherhood adopted the first written policy on Indian education, entitled Indian Control of Indian Education. It was presented to Minister Jean Chretien, of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, on December 21, 1972. This policy was written as a comprehensive position paper that articulated principles of local control, parental responsibility and culturally based curriculum. "We want education to provide the setting in which our children can develop the fundamental attitudes and values which have an honoured place in Indian tradition and culture." (National Indian Brotherhood, 1972, p.2) It was clear that Indigenous communities in Canada wanted to take a leading role in the education of their children." - OISE

The landmark policy of Indian Control of Indian Education set the foundation for Indigenous peoples in Canada to reclaim their inherent right to educate their communities. The decades to follow the passing of this policy would see a rise in initiatives regarding local control, transfer of jurisdiction and the development of culturally based curriculum and educational facilities. Several Indigenous communities are currently involved in negotiations with the Canadian state regarding self-government, including jurisdiction of education. - Assembly of First Nations

Digging Deeper

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