1836 - LG Bond Head toured Upper Canada and judging the Indian to be a dying race, took cessions of

"The Fate of the Red Inhabitants of America, the real proprietors of its soil, is, without any exception, the most sinful story recorded in the history of the human race (...)

but now that we have succeeded in exterminating their Race from vast regions of land, where nothing in the present dam remains of the poor Indian but the unnoticed bones of his ancestors, it seems inexplicable how it should happen, that even where the race barely lingers in existence, it should still continue to wither, droop, and vanish before us like Grass in the Progress of the Forest in flames. "The Red Men," lately exclaimed a celebrated Miami Cacique, "are melting like Snow before the Sun!"

I firmly believe every person of sound mind in this country who is disinterested in their conversion, and who is acquainted with the Indian character, will agree,

1.That an attempt to make farmers of the Red Men has been, generally speaking, a complete failure;

2. That congregating them for the purpose of civilization has implanted many more vices than it has eradicated; and, consequently,

3. That the greatest kindness we can perform towards these intelligent, simple-minded people, is to remove and fortify the as much as possible from all communication with the Whites."

- Lieutenant General Sir Francis Bond Head (INAC Manitoulin Island Treaties)

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