1884 - Indian Act amended to enforce that all Indian children aged 7 to 15 attend residential school

Indian Act. R. S., c. 43, s. 1. 188

11. The Governor in Council may make regulations, which shall have the force of law, for the committal by justices or Indian agents of children of Indian blood under the age of sixteen years, to such industrial school or boarding school, there to be kept, cared for and educated for a period not extending beyond the time at which such children shall reach the age of eighteen years.”

"The goal of the schools was to “kill the Indian in the child” but sometimes the child themselves died - 6,000 of the 150,000 who attended the schools between the 1870s and 1996 died or disappeared. The numbers are not precise because neither the schools, the churches that managed the schools, nor the Indian agents kept accurate records."- ICTINC.ca

Digging Deeper

High School Resources

Junior High School Resources

I am not a number

Jenny Kay Dupuis and Kathy Kacer,

Illustrated by Gillian Newland.

Ages 7-11,

Deals with residential school themes and resistance to them.

Elementary School Resources

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