1904 - Memo released stating “It has never been the policy ... for the design of industrial schools

“It has never been the policy of the Department for the design of industrial schools to turn Indian pupils out to compete with whites.” - The Minister of the Department of Indian Affairs

Despite an aggressive campaign to increase the number of students, the government was determined to keep the operating costs of the schools at a minimum. The lack of sufficient funds resulted in poorly constructed buildings, insufficient food and clothing for the students, and inadequate programming. The Regina Industrial School was supposed to create an environment where Indian children would be “civilized,” and where they would learn the language and the skills necessary to enter the Canadian workforce as tradespeople. Did it succeed? That depended on who you asked. Some people celebrated the school as “one of the most successful in the Canadian west.” Others, however, felt that maybe it was a little too successful. - Where are the Children?

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