1967 - The Royal Commission on the Status of Women calls for 167 recommendations to improve the live

"Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson established the Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada in 1967 in response to a months-long campaign by a coalition of 32 women’s groups led by Ontario activist Laura Sabia, then president of the Canadian Federation of University Women.

The commission’s 488-page report contained 167 recommendations to the federal government on such issues as pay equity, the establishment of a maternity leave program and national child care policy, birth control and abortion rights, family law reform, education and women’s access to managerial positions, part-time work and alimony. A large section also addressed issues specific to Aboriginal women and the Indian Act. All of these recommendations were based on the core principle that equality between men and women in Canada was possible, desirable and ethically necessary." - The Canadian Encyclopedia

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