2001 - Canadian Government begins negotiations with the Anglican, Catholic, United and Presbyterian

The settlement was meant to contribute to resolution after the tragic legacy of the church-run schools, in which tens of thousands of Aboriginal children were taken from their families, often to live in situations of deprivation.

While the government paid the majority of the compensation, the churches were also required to make reparations.

"By 2014, The Anglican, Presbyterian and United Churches have met their obligations.

But when the settlement was being negotiated, the Roman Catholic church - one of the richest organizations in the world - successfully argued that it was not "one entity" capable of being sued. Individual Catholic groups that had a direct hand in the schools – mostly communities of nuns and individual dioceses – were left to pay the bill." - Globe and Mail

Digging Deeper

Many prominent Canadian leaders are asking for the Catholic church to apologize for their role in running Residential schools. As of publication, the Pope has yet to apologize on behalf of the Catholic church.

  • Mulcair Demands Prime Minister ask Pope to apologise for Church's role in Residential schools, 2015 - CTV

  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invites Pope to apologise for Residential schools 2017 - Global News

  • "We are sorry and deeply regret the pain, suffering and alienation that so many experienced" - Individual Catholic bishops apologise - CCRB

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