2003 - First Nations elder Josephine Mandamin and a group of Anishinaabe Women and Men came together

In 2003, a group of Anishinaabe women led by Grandmother Josephine Mandamin of the 3 Fires

Lodge initiated the Mother Earth Water Walks (MEWWS) to raise awareness of water issues, both the sacred connection between people – especially women – and the waters, and how women take care of water.26 The first of these water walks took place in the spring of 2003, when the group walked around Lake Superior with a copper pail (due to its sacred and healing properties) of water to draw attention to the need for action regarding water issues. There were subsequent walks each year around the Great Lakes. The MEWWs have become an action of solidarity as many women have taken up the role of speaking and caring for water, renewing their traditional responsibilities,27 and supporting each other. -Water Song

Digging Deeper

Water is Life - Anti pipeline action

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