1497 Italian explorer John Cabot goes looking for the Orient, makes contact with Mik'maq on east

Cabot lands his ship - the Matthew, in the Atlantic Coastal Mik'maq territory (what is now Newfoundland) on June 24, 1497. Cabot found the lands to be full of resources, such as fish, furs, and fertile land. He stayed for approximately one month. Upon return to Europe, Cabot encouraged many more Europeans to return to explore, and colonize the "New World." After that point, the Mik'maq and Europeans had regular contact and traded with each other. The arrival of European explorers, traders and settlers gradually pushed many Mik'maq people further inland, which resulted in a shift in their diet, and primary food sources.

-Canadian History Workshop

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Books about Pre-contact Indigenous life:

Lune d'erable (Maple Moon), Crook, Connie Brummel Clermont, Marie-Andree K-3 (http://www.goodminds.com/lune-derable-maple-moon-paper-ed)

Nanabosho: How the Turtle Got Its Shell, McLellan, Joe - K-4

http://www.goodminds.com/nanabosho-how-turtle-got-its-shell-paper-ed-5th-printing - Indigenous origin stories

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