1812- First Nations are key contributors to defend against American invasion / Disease outbreaks gre

First Nations and Métis communities sided with the British during the war of 1812 because they shared a common goal: to resist American expansion. More than 10,000 First Nations warriors from the great lakes region and the St. Lawrence Valley participated in nearly every major battle.

For British military leaders such as Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, commander of Britain's forces, First Nations warriors strengthened local garrisons and were seen as exceptional fighters.In Canada, the war was fought on three main fronts: in the western great lakes region, the Niagara region and the St. Lawrence region. In each region First Nations warriors helped repel the invading American forces.

According to several British commanders, these important battles were won in large part because of the participation of their Indigenous allies.


Disease outbreaks reduce beaver and muskrat populations, increasing scarcity for the fur trade, as well as food supply. -The Peace Athabasca Delta: Portrait of a Dynamic Ecosystem

Digging Deeper

War of 1812: Interactive map & timeline

(PDF and web resources)

War of 1812 –The Canadian Encyclopedia

Resource that connects artistic renderings of important events within the War of 1812 with the greater context, and an emphasis on Aboriginal contributions.

War of 1812 – Interactive timeline

This is a google-maps style resource, that is linked with an interactive timeline feature, that helps contextualize events and locations along with time.

The War of 1812 at Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) holds a unique and vast collection of records about the Canadian men and women who were involved in the War of 1812. Muster rolls, paylists, claims, certificates of service, medal registers, maps, paintings, and published sources are featured in LAC holdings that document this key event.

This website also contains many interesting albums and exhibits of images and secondary sources.

Aboriginal Contributions to the War of 1812: Theatres of War Map : INAC

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